Precision is the combination of our desire to soar and a
passion to provide stunning, professional imagery

Utilizing state of the art and professional technology we are able to provide immediate on-site or remote imagery

Precision is a unique photography firm that utilizes professional photography and state of the art aerial equipment to take High-Definition imagery. Based out of North Dallas we have worked both local and abroad and are excited to meet the custom needs of our clients.

Precision is proud to offer a number of services to the ever growing needs of our clients. From live-feed intelligence aerial videography to still captures, Precision's focus is being both flexible and accurate with our imagery operations.

Still Capture

Consider the potential of viewing your property from never before seen heights! Have an event planned that simply needs that special touch? Precision has the capability to capture still images from multiple heights and angles giving your viewers a breathtakingly beautiful, 360 degree perspective!


From real-estate to wedding planning aerial videography enhances the overall experience from the very beginning. Having trouble showing the potential for your property? Take your buyer on an aerial tour from the comfort of your couch! Want to capture that magic moment and all its wonderful details? Nothing preserves the memories more accurately and vividly than full High-Definition Video!

Special Applications

Our special applications division has been specifically designed to look outside the box and push the envelope for our clients in a very unique way. Contracting with professional agencies Precision offers a unique blend of custom services from live feed intelligence to accident and emergency response.

A taste of our Portfolio

Still Photography

This area is dedicated to our still photography service. Included are photos of commercial and residential real estate as well as outdoor scenery.

Aerial Imagery

Taking to the skies this area is set aside for our aerial imagery portfolio. From real estate to event imagery we can easily adapt to the custom needs of our clients.

Clients Include:

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